Why Blue?

"Because blue resembles the sea,

  the sea resembles the sky,

  and the sky resembles the 'Chair of Glory'"

   Men. 43b

Biblical Blue (or Tekhelet) was once the most precious commodity in the ancient world. Throughout the ancient Near East and Mediterranean world, Biblical Blue fabrics were donned by kings, generals and priests. Wearing it represented wealth, influence and status. Within the Bible, Biblical Blue played a prominent role in the sanctuary, Temple and in the garments of the high priests. Moreover, the Jews are commanded to wear a thread of Tekhelet together with the tassels/fringes of the Tzitzit on their four cornered garments, representing the aspiration to be a "kingdom of priests and a holy nation", in the service of the King of the Universe.

What does the Blue represent? When we see the Blue, we are reminded of the path we have chosen to take and that we must stay on it. As it says in the Bible about laying eyes on the Blue - "and that ye go not about after your own heart and your own eyes, after which ye use to go astray."

Let it be a reminder of your strength to tread forward and keep on the path.

The Disappearance of Tekhelet - For unknown reasons, the Biblical Blue was lost to history about 1300 years ago and the secrets of this wondrous blue color, including the identity of the mysterious snail (Chillazon) that produces the dye, slipped into obscurity.

The Rediscovery - Many yearned for the rediscovery of Biblical Blue. A few great men devoted great time, effort, and resources in finding it. Over the last half-century, a convergence of research and discoveries by Rabbis, scientists, archaeologists, and others has led to the conclusive identification of the snail - Murex Trunculus - as the elusive source of the Biblical Blue.

The Renewal of the Biblical Commandment - The renewal of affixing a string of blue – the thread of Biblical Blue – onto the fringes has touched every corner of the globe as hundreds of thousands once again wear Biblical Blue, and kiss the sky-blue strings as they say the Shema each day.

Please note that wearing The Blue Bracelet does not fulfill the Biblical commandment of wearing tzizit.

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