Where did it all start? One day, a Rabbi walked into my office and asked me to to lay phylacteries. While I was reciting the Shema Yisrael (Hear O Israel) prayer, I learned about The Blue. That's when I began my research...

"One day, a Rabbi walked into my office"

The Bracelet and I - When I first read about the Biblical Blue, I was deeply touched by it, by the beautiful color and by the amazing divining meaning. This is where I came across a problem - I do not wear Tzizit and therefore the Biblical Blue stayed in my mind but did not accompany me in a tangible way during the day. That thought kept me busy until it occured to me that I could wear it on my hand.


So I did.

And I put one on my wife and my children. The Blue Bracelet caught the attention of many; everyone who saw it inquired about it and wanted to have one of their own. After they heard the story of the Biblical Blue they demanded one immediately. That was a point of no return. The excitement on their faces reinforced my recognition that the story of the Biblical Blue is not over and that I am not the only one who is touched by it.

My Father - One day, I asked my father what he thought about getting this beautiful story out to the world and turn it all into a running store so people can buy their own bracelets. He was all for it.

But somehow, with work, family and the daily stresses of life, I couldn't manage to bring myself to build it up.

On April 4, 2017, my father, Pinchas Cohen died suddenly. This shook me to my core and caused me to think hard about my life and where I was going. That's when I decided that there's no better time than now and went full force to open up the The Blue Bracelet in memory of my father.

"There's no better time than now"

The FeelingMany have adorned the Bracelet including very powerful business people in Israel, familiar Rabbis and religious leaders, and many more who are spiritually connected with the Blue. 

Today, the Bracelet can be found in the Israel Museum, and Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem, luxury hotels across Israel, and more.

After speaking to people who wore The Blue Bracelet, I realized that although each person expressed different emotions toward the bracelet, they all had an indescribable feeling. No one was sure what the origin of that feeling was - perhaps the story behind the Biblical Blue or maybe something else. Regardless, there is no doubt that a glance at The Blue Bracelet has a special merit of remembering the chair of glory with all its significance and importance.

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