The Blue Bracelet is a spiritual and modern piece of jewelry made with the finest materials inspired by the beauty of creation, that you can wear in your everyday life to remind you of the strength you have inside of you.

After thousands of years, archaeologists discovered the source of the sacred blue dye meant to deepen our connection to God. Once again, be a part of the tradition of wearing the Biblical Blue thread of Tekhelet, which adorned the clothing of royalty and high priests throughout history.


And God said to Moses: "...attach a thread of blue to the fringe at each corner...Look at it and remember to do all of God's commandments...and be consecrated to your God"


Numbers 15: 37-40

Why Blue?

"Because blue resembles the sea,

  the sea resembles the sky,

  and the sky resembles the 'Chair of Glory'"

   Men. 43b

Our Materials

We are committed to using only the finest materials

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